Here’s a little something about us rambling about our thoughts, and interests and what-nots. If you get bored, just hop over to see our awesome work instead :)


Example Clothing is about heritage, humor and good design.

The ‘great brains’ at Example are rooted in a mix of fashion design, textiles, graphic design, films and photography.  Add to that ever-growing family of craftsmen across the world, we make a great multi-talented team indeed!

Always re-interpreting classic references into the modern, we are inspired by idiosyncrasies;  the little oddities that pique our interest in all people and cultures.

Every piece we make is a part of the stories we tell about these people, and about the artisans we love and admire.


Born in 2012, due to the persistence and well, maybe stubborness, of our founding team, Example is set on its path to explore new ideas in design, clothing and expression around the world, through our travels in mind, body and spirit.


The girl we dress is bold yet light-hearted, and forever young in mind and spirit.


We hope you have as much fun browsing through our work, as we had in making them for you!